Package & Mail Depot

We are your one-stop postal, packing and shipping center

                                                             Frequently Asked Questions

When do I have to have my package to MacPac to get it out the same day? - Both UPS and FedEx have a daily pick up at 5:30 PM. The pickup time for the Postal Service is 3:30 PM.

Is my shipment guaranteed in a certain time frame? - This depends on the service that you selected. Refer to our shipping services page for specific information on your service.

What is oversize or dimensional weight? - These are regulations designed to make sure that larger, less dense shipments that take up more room on the trucks and airplanes are charged at a fair rate. Our simplified shipping regulations and measuring page contain greater detail about these regulations.

Do you ship things? - Yes. (No, really, people actually ask this question on a regular basis!)

How do I track my package? - Part of the service we provide at MacPac is tracking. We track each and every shipment to ensure delivery. We can also e-mail you the tracking number on the day of your shipment with a follow up e-mail on the day your item is delivered.

Do you take prepaid or bill to account shipments? - Yes we do. As a convenience service, we accept parcels at no charge to you; however, the shipment must be one that the carrier will allow us to take. If you have a prepaid label for a UPS shipment, it must have the letters "ARS" on it and packed to acceptable standards. Items not packed properly are subject to a packing fee. All parcels billed to your personal account must be delivered to a UPS counter for shipment. We accept all UPS and FedEx overnight envelopes billed to individual and third party accounts.

Can I ship Perishables? - Sure! We recommend that you freeze the food and bring it in with a few cooler ice packs. We will then bubble wrap the items (this is more to provide insulation than padding) and depending on your budget, may give it 2" of peanuts on each side (again, this is for insulation). Shipping should be done via an overnight service, preferably with a morning delivery. Bring the items in as close to the pickup deadline as possible so that they will sit for as short a time as possible. Keep in mind that insurance does not cover spoilage.

What do I do if my package has been damaged in transit? - The first thing to do is call MacPac.. We will initiate the claim process for you. It is very important that the recipient retain all of the packing material so that the carrier can inspect both the item and the packing materials. A proof of value will be submitted to the carrier. This can be a receipt, an official dealer statement, a catalog page, or anything similar.

Do you do pickups? - Pick up service is provided for all account customers on parcel service. If a residential customer has a item in which they are unable to bring to our store (won't fit in your car, disability, etc.) , pick up service can be arranged for a reasonable price.

Are you UPS and FedEx? - No we are not. We are under contract with these carries as a UPS Authorized Shipping Outlet and a FedEx Express Authorized ShipCenter. We are your representative to them. We represent the interests of our customers and as such we can do much more for you than a carrier owned franchise.

What do you not ship? - We cannot ship anything that is illegal, hazardous, or against regulations. This includes all alcohol, aerosols, and other items considered hazardous. For a more detailed description, see our section on illegal and hazardous contents.

There is something that I would like to see on your website, can I make a suggestion? - Absolutely, email it to us and we will be happy to take it into consideration.

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