Package & Mail Depot

We are your one-stop postal, packing and shipping center

MacPac specializes in safely packaging your shipments, as well as providing you with cost comparisons between the different carriers.

Fragile Items - Fragile items (glass, electronics, ceramic, crystal, etc.) are held to a higher standard of packing than more durable items for purposes of insurance coverage. For most fragile items, this means that the item must be completely sealed in bubble wrap, placed in a cardboard box with the remaining space filled with Styrofoam peanuts. This box is then placed into a larger box and surrounded with at least 2" of Styrofoam peanut. Double boxing of fragile items greatly decreases the chance of damage while the package is in transit.

Not So Fragile Items - Items that are not particularly fragile are, of course, not held to the same standard that more delicate items are. Therefore, if you have a item that is fairly sturdy, you can ship it without having to purchase a lot of packing material. Usually a new cardboard box and either Styrofoam peanuts or packing paper will be all that is required for shipping your item.

Packing Without Shipping - On occasion, people need to have something packed without shipping the item. Perhaps they need to take something with them on an airplane or just prepare the item for storage. In these circumstances, MacPac can provide the packing as a stand alone service.
For those that prefer to pack themselves, please refer to our "Regulations Simplified" page for additional information regarding shipping and packing requirements and regulations.
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